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Happy Gluten Free New Year- New Planet GF Beer is my choice for 2012


I hope everyone had a wonderful time this holiday season with friends and family, and of course with gluten free goodness enjoyed by all! Happily I started my new year with the discovery of a new gluten free beer, http://newplanetbeer.com/gluten-free-beer/ .  I have not seen the beer anywhere but Whole Foods, hopefully it will be circulated to other vendors in the near future.

They have 3 different beers to choose from, Off Grid Pale Ale which is the one I purchased and is fantastic, hoppy and has some depth.  The other 2 choices are 3R Raspberry Ale and Tread Lightly Ale, I cannot wait to try those two but I have a feeling Off Grid will be my fav.   The company’s message is to lighten your carbon footprint, be conscientious in your day to day living, hey who doesn’t  love that?!

Thus far, minus my favorite dark gluten free Belgian beers (Greens), this is a fantastic option.  Sorghum Grist beer is like drinking Budweiser (no offense to Bud drinkers) but I like some taste and depth to my beers.  Before I was diagnosed with Celiac the beers I chose to drink where dark, meaty, thick, with depth, like porters and no not Porter Steaks.  Off Grid is obviously not a porter style but let me tell you this beer has oompf and I like it, I like it alot.  My only complaint is why sell them in 4 packs in lieu of 6 packs?

Keep on truckin’ New Planet, love your beer and love the minimalist footprint you offer behind your beer.