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Lunchtime in DC – Green lentils and feta salad


This post is meant for all of you DC’ites that work or live in the downtown area of DC.  I work very close to the White House which is a great location with a number of different fast food style places to grab your lunch and head back to the office.  Unfortunately for those suffering from Celiac’s it is not that easy to grab lunch at places because a good number offer sandwiches only or are not that easy to to navigate around them preparing a gluten free lunch.

One place that I like not only because it is fairly healthy but also because it is a quick jaunt from my office is GStreet Food, located..TA DA on G Street.  Their exact address is: 1706 G Street, NW.  They have a salad area that is separate from where sandwiches are made so the risk of cross contamination is minimized but clearly not without possibility.  I like the food they offer because it is unique and flavorful not your every day run of the mill green salad with tomato and cucumber.   One of my favorite salads is a green lentil and feta with red onions on a bed of greens, the feta adds a nice creaminess to the texture of the lentils.  The owners and owners son are very happy to let you know if a soup may have flour in it or anything that would make it not gluten free, and a majority of their salads are gluten free.  Check out their menu on the webpage and you will see a good amount of salads a there is usually a soup or 2 that you can choose from.

This is a picture of my lunch today:  A green lentil and feta salad with black bean and sweet potatoes on a bed of greens. Yum!


Welcome To Living Gluten Free


Welcome to my little piece of the world on the internet.  My purpose and mission of this newly created blog is to go above and beyond all the GF blogs out there and also to combine information with the truly informative blogs to give you not only local information on where to dine in the Washington, DC metro area but where to shop and find the best and least expensive gluten free products for cooking and baking. 

A bit about me, I am a 39 year old woman living in the DC metro area and was diagnosed with Celiac  a little over 5 years now, my mother and my aunt both have it, which clearly shows this disease is indeed genetic.  It can live dormant for a  number of years and pop up like it did with my mom at the age of 70 or as it did with me at the age of 34, sometimes it may never actually show. 

I will take into consideration that you may live with others who do not have Celiac’s (as I do) or if you have a child with Celiac’s and the best way to keep them gluten free but with tasty interesting meals.  I will offer suggestions and recipes not only cooking day to day meals for yourself or your partner but cooking for large dinner parties while making everyone happy.  Cross contamination is a big issue for those of us with Celiac’s and this will always be addressed and taken into consideration.

Recipes with photos will be posted with the best ways to tweak a recipe for the dough to come out just right or how to get away with lowering the sodium or fat content of a GF recipe, eating healthy is very important if you suffer from Celiac Disease. 

Please see the link  to read more about this disease: Celiac Disease or sometimes called Celiac Sprue

I will always welcome questions, polite suggestions and any other comments you may have as I begin to explore living in a Gluten Free world and hopefully make it an easier place for you to live in!

Please check back and often as there will be many changes to come this weekend with a multitude of information to begin using!

Peace, Love and Happy Gluten Free eating!