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Sette Restaurant – Review


I have been to Sette  before, located in Washington, DC, Dupont Circle. I was pleasantly surprised to learn this past summer they offered gluten free pasta. I ordered a very generic corn pasta with tomato sauce and was quite happy and had no intestinal issues.

Unfortunately, my second visit to Sette was not so enjoyable. First off I am a bit of a self admitted wine snob and the red wine by the glass is good for those who are not well versed in red wine, but for those like me with a bit more of a sophisticated wine pallete it was ok at best.

They still offered gluten free pasta, it is a corn pasta, not great but it does the trick.

We started with the tri-color buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto for an appetizer, it was quite yummy. Of course I passed on the bread but my friend Tori enjoyed it.

For the main course I ordered the CAVATELLI all’ INDIAVOLATA pasta this has spicy Italian sausage, broccoli rabe and pecorino cheese. The server made fully aware of my gluten issue I didn’t think I would have an issue.

Unfortunately, within 10 minutes my stomach started to hurt and all the other digestive issues began that made me rush to the bathroom.

Clearly if a restaurant offers a gluten free option unless there is a place in the kitchen dedicated to no cross contamination, purely gluten free it just isn’t gluten free.

In defense of the management, after I explained what happened our meal was taken care of by the restaurant. The manager admitted he cannot be in the kitchen for everything  to make sure a gluten free meal is separated from others, but they do take allergies very seriously.

To this learned experience, even if a restaurant or fast food place claims to offer gluten free, they are not truly gluten free unless a set place in the kitchen of the restaurant is dedicated as such and the pasta is boiled in a pot that ONLY GF pasta has been boiled in, same with veggies and meat and there is no cross-contamination.

Lesson to also be learned is that if Chick-Fil-A or other fast food restaurant, or regular restaurants hop on the GF bandwagon they are not truly such unless they state they offer an area in their kitchen truly dedicated to being gluten free.




Welcome To Living Gluten Free


Welcome to my little piece of the world on the internet.  My purpose and mission of this newly created blog is to go above and beyond all the GF blogs out there and also to combine information with the truly informative blogs to give you not only local information on where to dine in the Washington, DC metro area but where to shop and find the best and least expensive gluten free products for cooking and baking. 

A bit about me, I am a 39 year old woman living in the DC metro area and was diagnosed with Celiac  a little over 5 years now, my mother and my aunt both have it, which clearly shows this disease is indeed genetic.  It can live dormant for a  number of years and pop up like it did with my mom at the age of 70 or as it did with me at the age of 34, sometimes it may never actually show. 

I will take into consideration that you may live with others who do not have Celiac’s (as I do) or if you have a child with Celiac’s and the best way to keep them gluten free but with tasty interesting meals.  I will offer suggestions and recipes not only cooking day to day meals for yourself or your partner but cooking for large dinner parties while making everyone happy.  Cross contamination is a big issue for those of us with Celiac’s and this will always be addressed and taken into consideration.

Recipes with photos will be posted with the best ways to tweak a recipe for the dough to come out just right or how to get away with lowering the sodium or fat content of a GF recipe, eating healthy is very important if you suffer from Celiac Disease. 

Please see the link  to read more about this disease: Celiac Disease or sometimes called Celiac Sprue

I will always welcome questions, polite suggestions and any other comments you may have as I begin to explore living in a Gluten Free world and hopefully make it an easier place for you to live in!

Please check back and often as there will be many changes to come this weekend with a multitude of information to begin using!

Peace, Love and Happy Gluten Free eating!