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It’s the weekend and what’s a girl (or boy) to do?!


Fall is in there air, which means it is time to pull on your favorite sweater and head outside to enjoy what the city has to offer you!  Here is what I am doing this weekend and some suggestions for gluten free dining in this glorious city of mine!

The H Street Festival is taking place this Saturday and all of the eclectic and fun bars and restaurants are participating.  This will be the first year I am going, but the past two years look like a blast filled with art, food vendors, music, you name it, it’s there!

Check out this video and see you there!

After partying it up Saturday you might want to have a relaxing Sunday morning, read the paper and just chill.  What better place to do it than Open City in Woodley Park?  They have gluten free items on their menu that range from veggie pizza, veggie quinoa to yummy omelets.    Their staff is educated on cross contamination and when you tell them you cannot eat gluten, they don’t just shrug it off and still add that piece of toast to your plate next to your eggs they take you seriously.

Check out their AWESOME gluten free menu

In fact you just might see me there this weekend with my English Springer Spaniel, Gaia!!

Are you feeling the gluten free love today? I certainly am!

Fellow gluties, have a fabulous and safe weekend!


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