Hi there, welcome to my site about enjoying a gluten free life without sacrificing flavor or your health and even your wallet!

I have lived in Washington, DC for the past 15 years, I love to eat, travel, run, camp and basically enjoy life! I was diagnosed with Celiac’s a little over 5 years ago.  It was a struggle at first because Celiac’s was still not a well known disease and I was very limited on my food selections.  Through educating myself and more products coming out every day for those who cannot eat gluten life has become much easier.

The purpose of my site is to offer suggestions on what to cook that is not only healthy but flavorful and of course, without gluten.  I also will provide reviews of local restaurants I visit that offer gluten free food items.

When I travel I will post reviews of restaurants and how gluten friendly they are for your travel to hopefully make it easier.

I welcome all suggestions or recommendations.


Nicole the GF Girl in DC


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  1. Dear Nicole,
    You’re cordially invited to a VIP breakfast event March 1st. Hosted by Will Hauser of Two Degrees Food, our mission is to engage the blogosphere in eradicating childhood hunger. (Location in D.C. to follow.)

    Two Degrees makes healthy – and yummy – snack bars that are low calorie, gluten free and vegan. For every bar sold, the company gives a nutrition pack to a malnourished children. The bars can found online, at Whole Foods and other major retail outlets and come in four delicious flavors. (We’ll be sampling bars at breakfast, and if you love them as much as we do we’re happy to supply you product for reader giveaways.)

    Please join Two Degrees in our efforts to make an impact on this vital global issue. RSVP by February 27th to vchamplin@kglobal.com or call 404-888-1090. We look forward to your participation!

    For more information, background, video clips, testimonials and more, please visit http://www.twodegreesfood.com.

    Vanessa Champlin

  2. Nicole,
    I stumbled onto your website and was so surprised to see you! Its been such a long time. What a wonderful site!

    Jim Ayers

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