Open City Vs Naked Pizza Gluten Free Pizza Wars!


Apparently in my older age I am becoming more set in my ways, for example yesterday and last Thursday I ate pizza, perhaps I should just set Thursday’s as GF Pizza day in my household.

This blog is geared for those who live in the DC Metro area and are looking for some yummy gluten free pizza for take out or eat in, so I offer to you my humble opinion on Open City Diner pizza located in Woodley Park and Naked Pizza is for take out only and is located in Reston, VA, Arlington, VA, and McLean, VA .

I personally prefer a thin crust pizza and I have to tell you Naked Pizza rocks, you get to choose your sauce (unfortunately only a medium is available for GF).  The really unfortunate thing is that I can eat 6 pieces of that pizza…But, back to the facts so Open City Pizza is good, very cheesy but the crust is so thick like Chicago Style that unfortunately with gluten free dough it doesn’t cook completely or at least mine did not thus being rather doughy in taste and texture.  I think if Open City asks their distributor to thin out their GF pizza more people may order it or at least not feel like they ate a heavy brick after 2 pieces.

Ok so overall Naked Pizza wins for a crispy thin crust, many topping options and flavor.  Open City Za is good but so heavy and thick without great flavor.

Remember peeps this is just my opinion and yours will probably vary.

Nonetheless go get some Gluten Free ZA and enjoy!


Super Cheesey

Veggie Naked Pizza


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  1. I live right by Open City, and if you ask for them to make your pizza “extra crispy” I’ve found it solves for the soggy problem. #protip 😉

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