A DC Restaurant Review – Et Voila


When you think of Belgian or French food, gluten free options don’t usually come to mind as you have to take into consideration the different sauces that usually accompany particular entrees.  Béchamel sauce (Sauce Béchamel), Bordelaise, Madiera,  and Mornay, and    I know I am missing a few ( and I hope my husband who happens to be French does not chastise me for not knowing them all), BUT you get the idea.  All of the sauces I listed above contain a roux to thicken the sauce.  Well a majority of the sauces at Et Voila are made without a roux, which means they are gluten free.

I recently had a fantastic Onglet de Boeuf, Sauce au Poivre Vert,(Steak with Peppercorn Sauce) and it was out of this world tender meat and the sauce, rich and full of flavor.  The fries that come with the steak are a no no for those of us with Celiac or high sensitivity to wheat as the oil is shared with other items containing flour.

There are other items, such as their Moules (Mussels) that are glorious and GF, plus a number of salades (The Trout Salad is fantastic and GF) as well.  The server will be happy to assist you in pointing out gluten free items on the menu if you just ask.

For dessert, Mom’s chocolate mousse, made with love by Chef Mickael Cornu.

I highly recommend Chef Claudio & Chef Mickael’s fantastic menu items..don’t walk..RUN to Et Voila and Bon appétit!



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