Sun Valley, Idaho, Gluten Free Options Abound!


I was recently in Sun Valley (Ketchum) Idaho this past week/weekend, gorgeous place to visit, especially if you are one who likes to hike, camp, snowboard, ski, snowshoe..well you get the idea.
Another reason I was there this past weekend is my parents retired to Sun Valley and well me and my fiance decided to have our civil ceremony outside of Ketchum in a great area called Eagle Creek.   That is a whole other post (or two) but let me tell you it is just a gorgeous place to tie the knot!

I live in Washington, DC, as you may know and the gluten free options are pretty good here but let me tell you, for a small resort town Ketchum, Idaho ROCKS the gluten free options!  There was not 1 restaurant that I ate at that didn’t offer either a gluten free menu or gluten free options off the cuff from the server and some places even had their yummy gluten free bread hot out of the oven for me.

In this post, I will talk about a great restaurant right on Main Street in Ketchum, called Rico’s Italian Restaurant.  Rico’s offered both gluten free pasta & pizza on their rather extensive menu, and the gluten free options were generous.  I decided to go with a make your own gluten free pizza which comes in only a 10″ size, if you are looking to share you probably would want to order 2 or heck maybe 3-4 so you have leftovers to take home YAHOO!

Rico’s has such a great selection of different pizza’s to choose from it is hard to choose, and you know dealing with Celiac’s and dining out you don’t always have a good amount of choices so I was thrilled. Check out the selection: GF Pizza selection

The pizza crust itself is thin and crisp, my favorite kind of crust as I am not a fan of the thick chewy kind (a la Chicago style deep dish).  The sauce was so flavorful and as usual I overdosed on adding extra garlic but it was just fantastic.  I wish I could have gone back the next night for the pasta, but that will have to be another trip.


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