Gluten Free Bakery Sighting in Virginia!


Ohh my, I am thrilled to have spotted a gluten free bakery that also offers classes on baking gluten free at their lovely location in Sperryville, VA.  A bit far for most of us located in the DC Metro area but I am so excited to go and check out the bakery and sign up for some classes.

Here is the link to the bakery:  Triple Oak Gluten Free Bakery

I will post a review when I go in the next few weeks!


About Gluten Free Girl In DC

I love to travel (my favorite countries are Spain and Morocco), I am going to attempt at becoming a master of SUP in 2012, camping and hiking especially in the desert are some of my favorite hobbies. Keeping up with my crazy Springer Spaniel, Gaia. I inherited Celiac Disease from my mother but not until I was 34 years old. My blog/website is dedicated to help those who have been diagnosed with the disease on how to live a 'normal' life without gluten. I try by adding homemade recipes, restaurants that I have been to that are GF friendly and suggestions on just how to be..with Celiac but be happy and healthy.

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