Beer! Glorious Beer!


I don’t know about you but I love beer, not as much as I love wine, but I enjoy a nice cold beer from time to time.  The question for us gluten challenged folks is what is a GREAT, not just good gluten free beer?!

After suffering through drinking a gluten free beer called Redbridge that tastes like bud light (sorry my tastebuds have moved on since college), I have found 2 fantastic GF beers that have great flavor.  The two different brands are:

Greens Gluten Free that is a Belgian Beer with three different types to satisfy any palate with an Amber, Double, Tripel blonde Ale.

My next suggestion is Estrella Damm Gluten Free, from where my favorite soccer team is from… ESPANA!  This beer is so good, great flavor, body and it does not taste like you are drinking watered down beer.

Green’s I have been able to find in Whole Foods and the Estrella Damm I have found at total beverage in DC, VA and MD.

I am going this weekend to buy a case of Estrella as even my friends who do not have gluten issues love this beer.



About Gluten Free Girl In DC

I love to travel (my favorite countries are Spain and Morocco), I am going to attempt at becoming a master of SUP in 2012, camping and hiking especially in the desert are some of my favorite hobbies. Keeping up with my crazy Springer Spaniel, Gaia. I inherited Celiac Disease from my mother but not until I was 34 years old. My blog/website is dedicated to help those who have been diagnosed with the disease on how to live a 'normal' life without gluten. I try by adding homemade recipes, restaurants that I have been to that are GF friendly and suggestions on just how to be..with Celiac but be happy and healthy.

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